The purpose of an agreement is so that both of us know what it is that is being provided, how it can be used and for what purposes. That way misunderstandings can be prevented or if a disagreement happens then we can refer to this agreement (the “Agreement”).

The Agreement is written in plain English as far as possible and fancy legal terms are avoided.

Agreement to terms

This software application (the “Application”) is provided by Fish Disease Diagnostics Limited (written as “we” or “us” in the rest of the Agreement) and to be used by the user and / or individual agreeing to the Agreement (“you” or “yours”) according to this Agreement.

Please read the Agreement carefully before you use or sign in to the Application because by using the Application you agree to the terms of the Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of the Agreement you may not access or use the Application.

By accessing or using the Application you are affirming you are of legal age. If you are not of legal age to enter into the Agreement then you may not access or use the Application.

Updates and Changes

From time to time we may update the Agreement either in whole or in part but if we do so we will make reasonable attempts to advise you of the changes. Your continued use of the Application means you accept these changes. If you do not accept the changes you may not use the Application.

Information and Privacy

We do not collect any information from you through the Application other than to make the Application work properly or to communicate with you.

Nor do we make any information provided by you available to any third party.

We do ask that the information you give to us is true, accurate and complete.

Rules of conduct

In using the Application we ask that you respect us and others.

By agreeing to the Agreement you agree not to do any of the following:

  • Carry out any activity prohibited in your country.
  • Use the Application for illegal, unlawful, fraudulent or deceptive purposes.
  • Copy information or content from the Application for use by others unless to assist with the treatment advised and not to use for commercial purposes.
  • Breach our copyright or other intellectual property rights by using content or material from the Application.
  • Create a database by downloading or storing information from the Application.
  • Use any manual or automatic device to date mine or gather information from the Application.

The content of the Application is protected by copyright and law but should you wish to use specific information from the Application we may make it available to you on written request from you and you will be able to use the information following receipt of our written consent.


The Application may provide links to other websites, suppliers or other online resources. We have no connection with any of these unless we specifically say so and we have no liability for any product or service offered or provided by them.

You use the products or services from any third party found through a link in the Application at your own risk and any complaint should be raised with the provider.


By accessing or using the Application you confirm that you have authority to make payment for use of the site or have the consent of the person who pays the cost.

You agree that you, not us, are responsible for obtaining, maintaining and paying for all telecommunications and other equipment and services needed to access and use the Application.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

This is where we need to use legal language but the wording is standard.

We, as far as the applicable law permits, shall have no liability for any or all losses of any kind resulting from use or access by you of the Application. We are not liable for your use of the Application or any information or links made available on or through the Application or your use or misuse of such information, products or services or for any losses suffered by you.

Should any clause or term of the Agreement be deemed unacceptable, void or invalid that does not affect the remainder of the Agreement which will remain in effect.


The Agreement remains in effect until terminated by either you or us. You can terminate the Agreement by terminating your account on your profile page.


In the unlikely event there is a dispute between you and us, you and we both agree that if the dispute cannot be resolved then the means to resolving it is by binding arbitration through a body to be agreed by both parties. If a body cannot be agreed upon a small claims court in the jurisdiction is the agreed method of resolution.


The governing law for the Agreement or any claim or dispute arising in connection with the Agreement or access or use of the Application is the law of Scotland and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish legal system.

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