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Behaviour ([[countSymptoms(1)]])
Abnormal swimming - flashing.
Abnormal swimming - streaks
Angel fish dip dorsal fin
Breathing at surface
Eating normally
Fish gather at water inlets
Fish jump out of water
Flexing of opercles
Hanging at surface
Hiding abnormally
Hopping swimming - head up
Impaired swimming efficiency
Laying on side
Listless and lethargic
Loss of balance
Mouth and opercula wide open
Reluctant to feed
Respiration difficult
Respiration rapid
Respiration slow
Restless swimming
Sits on bottom
Sluggish movements
Spasms - convulsions
Stays still at back of tank
Vertical swimming head up
Very agitated
Whirling or tumbling
Body ([[countSymptoms(2)]])
Abdomen sunken
Abdomen swollen
Angel (Scalare) color intense
Belly of fish dark red colour
Bloody inflammation of mouth
Bloody lesions on body
Chinook Salmon turn green
Dark body colouration
Dead remains of body (Body)
Disproportionate head
Dust-like spots all over fish
Erosion of colour on head
Erosion of total lateral line
Faded colours
Faeces alternately light/dark colour
Faeces white
Fish show hole in head
Generalized oedema
Generalized petechiation
Grey patches, faded look body
Grey/white spot around head.
Growth on body (Body)
Growth poor
Growth robust, well muscled
Haemorrhages on head
Mucous comes of body in pieces
Muscular atrophy
Open burst tumour
Opercular petechiae
Pale patches
Poor food conversion ratios
Raised pigmented growths
Red spots on throat of fish
Red/grey raised spots
Reddish inflammation
Saddle-like dorsal growth
Small dust-like gold-grey spots
Subepithelial petechiae
Swelling on throat or neck.
Ulcers - circular
Ulcers - in mouth
Visible crustaceans
Visible worms
White growths on colors - Neons
White raised spots (1-2mm)
White/grey cottony mass
White/grey growths on head or jaw
Yellow Tangs fade in colour
Yellow-brown growth on mouth
Eyes ([[countSymptoms(4)]])
Abnormal pigment of iris
Cloudy Eyes
Cloudy lens of Eyes.
Corneal opacity
Exophthalmia - bilateral
Exopthalmia - unilateral
Eye cataracts
Eye lesions
Eyes sunken
Haemorrhagic Eyes
Ulceration of the cornea
Fins ([[countSymptoms(6)]])
Bare rays
Blackening of tail to anus
Cauliflower-like white growths
Cloudy completely
Distal part of fins lose colour
Erosion of fins
Fin erosion - especially caudal
Fins folded
Fins frayed or ragged
Fins rotting very quickly
Haemorrhages - fins
Hyperaemia - fin base only
Hyperaemia - general (Fin)
Hyperplastic growth on fins
Large dark/black tumours
Loss of membrane & rays
Milky patches on fins
Small black spots (Fins)
Small dust-like white spots
Subepithelial petechiae
Tail torn
Ventral and anal fins red
White - grey cottonwool tufts
White raised spots (1mm) - fins
White/grey cottony mass
Gills ([[countSymptoms(8)]])
Black spots on inside of gills
Gills are partly protruded
Gills bleeding
Gills brown/red
Gills deep red colour
Gills extended wide
Gills fungused
Gills have excess mucous
Gills infected
Gills mottling
Gills pale
Gills swollen
Gills transparent nodules
Gills white spots
Growth protruding from gill
Loss of gill tissue
Opaque nodules on gills
White nodules on gills
White/grey cottony mass
Skin ([[countSymptoms(3)]])
Bluish-white blotches on skin
Cuts and lacerations
Dark pigment on head
Dark skin pigmentation (Skin)
Epidermal hyperplasia
Faded colours
Flagellates on skin
Gas bubbles under head area
Grey/blue tone of skin
Haemorrhages - skin
Knotlike white pimples - skin
Large white spots on Skin
Lesions on belly
Loss of scales
Milky patches
Pale slime film over skin
Pitting of the skin
Raised blister
Raised bumps
Red necrotic lesions - skin
Scales protruding
Shallow white rimmed ulcers
Skin excessive sliminess
Skin lesions
Skin petechiae
Skin turbidity
Small black spots
Small circular wounds
Small fine air bubbles
Ulcers - irregular
White - grey cottonwool tufts.
White necrotic lesions - skin
White pea-sized swellings (4mm)
White/grey cottony mass
White/grey threads on skin
Yellow-orange ulcers
Water quality ([[countSymptoms(5)]])
Ammonia elevated >0.02ppm un-ionised
Carbon dioxide level >60 ppm
Chlorine elevated >0.5mg/L
Copper level above 0.3ppm
Dissolved oxygen low < 6mg\L
Excessive detritus in tank
High fish loading density
Hypoxia low oxygen levels
Nitrate level above 50 ppm
Nitrite elevated >2ppm
Organic load high
pH too High
pH water low <6.5
pH Water normal 7.00
Prymnesium parva algae
Salinity full salt water
Seasonal change of temperature
Temperature elevated
Temperature sudden changes
Water temperature low

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