Didymo (<i>Diageminata dymospheri</i>)



Diageminata dymospheri is a diatom that used to occur in oligotrophic  waters, of N.Europe and N.America. However in recent years it appears to be spreading by a number of suspected vectors to areas far beyond its previous range. 


As the enormous blooms that can and do take place of this organism,negatively affect fish and invertebrates, by limiting the natural diversity of other organisms in the food chain, it is essential that some methods of controlling this organism be found. Untreated or areas that are not subjected to some form of preventative action will result in such areas becoming unsuitable for natural fish populations, as well as not to be even considered for any possible form of aquaculture. 


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All areas which previously were supposedly were not affected, are now showing signs that this diatom has spread. The list of reported areas range widely and include New Zealand, Ireland, UK, and many more. As the way the organism is spread is not fully understood, it may be that various birds, insects of several kinds, could be carrying the spores sufficient to enable a new source of infection to establish itself. Thus it might be useful to try and control such potential carriers. However this obviously needs some applied research. 


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