Chilodonella (<i>Chilodonella</i>)


Respiration rapid
Fish is breathing very fast, much faster than is normal.
Fish constantly rubs or scratches itself against any object available.
White raised spots (1mm) - fins
Raised white spots about 1mm can be seen on fins.
Faded colours
Colours of fish look washed out compared to normal.
Faded colours
Colour of body has a washed out look.
Fins folded
The fins of the fish remain in a closed position due to discomfort.
Generalized oedema
Body is swollen all over giving balloon-like appearance to fish.
Reluctant to feed
Fish comes to eat but with evident lack of appetite.
Breathing at surface
Fish stays at surface usually at an inclined angle and breathes or sucks air.
Dark body colouration
The colours of the fish are darkened beyond their normal shade.
Dark pigment on head
The head of the fish is abnormally dark in colour.
Hanging at surface
Fish stays at water surface all the time.
Pale slime film over skin
A slimy thin grey/white film covers the body.
Skin excessive sliminess
Skin shows mucous and slime far in excess of normal.


Ciliated parasite Chilodonella cyprini. or C.hexasticha.


Can be cured if treated early in first 2-3 days. Cure will usually take 3-4 days of treatment.


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DNA and RNA diagnosis references 

No specific references could currently be found but the pages below deal in detail with this family of parasites, and would be useful when attempting to diagnose the specifics of the parasites Chilodonella piscicola & C. hexasticha.

Genome Biol Evol. 2016 June 8(6): 1634-1642 Xyrus X. et al. 


Dr. Chacko, Jim
Unity College of Maine
Fish Patholgy Dept.


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