Bobbit worm (<i>Eunice aphroditois</i>)


Dead remains of body (Body)
Bloody lesions on body
Body shows one or more bloody lesions, where leeches have eaten into flesh.


This viciously parasitic worm is found in the Indo- Pacific region, and some authors indicate it or related species has been found in the Caribbean regions as well. It is found at depths between 30-130 feet. This aquatic polychaete worm buries itself in soft mud, gravel or Corals and waits to for potential food to touch any of it's 5 sensors, which cause it to attack with lighting speed, often slicing it's prey in half. 


The worm attacks fish with  scissor like bites, which will in nearly all cases result in fatality, to the victim. Both fish or other invertebrates are subject to attack


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Best preventative measures are to ensure that all new additions of Corals or other places of concealment are carefully examined in detail before adding to any established Aquarium or other holding facility. A period of not less than a week of quarantine is especially important, where the new arrivals can be be observed and no or very little substrate is available to allow the worms to hide. The inclusion of some small shrimp and /or  small fish, would be a good way to see if such an undesirable, was present. 

DNA and RNA diagnostic references
No direct references could be found, however this reference page below, does give references for many related organisms that may be helpful in identification.


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