Glugea (<i>Glugea anomala</i>)


White pea-sized swellings (4mm)
Quite large pea-sized swellings appear on skin of fish.
Abdomen sunken
The lower part of the fish's body is hollow and wasted.
Listless and lethargic
Fish moves very lazily in water, much less than normal, lacks interest.
Muscular atrophy
Muscles of fish show evident wasting away.


Microsporidian, family Nosematidae. Intracellular obligate parasite. This parasite is intracellular, and they typically infect any large organ of the fish, after the fish eats a spore. It replicates within the organ(s) of the fish which eventually become cysts, and can often be observed as white nodules on the skin of the fish or tail. They eventually burst and release numerous spores into the water and the cycle begins over again. 


No known cure. Invariably fatal.


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DNA and RNA diagnostic references

Ribosomal DNA sequences of Glugea anomala, Go stepheni, Go americanus and Spraguea lophii, ( Microsporidae): and phylogenetic reconstruction [2010]

From  Dis.Aquat. Org. Vol: 125-129 Cecile Pomport-Castillon et al. 


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