Marine worms (<i>Turbellaria</i>)


Grey patches, faded look body
Grey or faded looking patches are evident on the anterior portion of the fish.
Excessive detritus in tank
Tank generally and especially the bottom show large areas of detrital matter.
Hiding abnormally
Fish hides behind rocks or suchlike, appearing seldom if ever.
Fish constantly rubs or scratches itself against any object available.
Salinity full salt water
Normal full salinity salt water.
Subepithelial petechiae
Small bloody red dots or effusions, evident below skin.
Subepithelial petechiae
Small bloody red spots appear on fins.
Haemorrhages - skin
Bloody haemorrhages are apparent over several parts of the skin.
Small black spots
Skin shows a profusion of very small black spots.
Respiration rapid
Fish is breathing very fast, much faster than is normal.
Small black spots (Fins)


Mature worms which come away from the host fish, give rise to up to a hundred or more ciliated young, which then actively search out a new host fish. The development of the young takes some 5 days in the off host stage at around 24 ° C. The young take around 6 days to reach maturity before leaving the host fish to replicate the cycle over again. This if the cycle is not broken, very heavy infestations can build up, with ensuing mortality.

Marine flatworm. Typically infested are tang, especially yellow, also angels. Imperators and majestics are often seen with this parasite, noticeable by "fading" of their color.


Dirty conditions in tank seem to assist parasite in reproducing itself, so improved cleanliness is a must. Can be cured by diligent application of treatment.


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Vital to keep bottom of Aquarium free of detritius, as the young develop from the mature adults in this ideal medium, & siphoning out this waste matter, can help to eradicate the problem.


Dr Prescott, Shawn
Fish Disease Dolau Ltd


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