Pantothenic acid deficiency


Listless and lethargic
Fish moves very lazily in water, much less than normal, lacks interest.
Respiration difficult
The fish shows evidence of difficulty in breathing.
Gills are partly protruded
Parts of the gills are protruding in abnormal manner.
Gills have excess mucous
Obvious slimy mucous is oozing from the gills of the fish.
Growth poor
Parasite infested fish show very slow or no growth, as parasite is taking the food.
Poor food conversion ratios
The growth when compared to normal food conversion ratios is below normal.
Reluctant to feed
Fish comes to eat but with evident lack of appetite.
Sits on bottom
Fish sits still in upright position, on the bottom of tank or pond.


Lack of pantothenic acid in diet. Often goes together with bacterial gill disease.


Check diet if suspected, also presence of Bacteria. Outlook is reasonable for a cure.


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Ensure diet has adequate Pantothenic acid in formulation.


Dr. Chacko, Jim
Unity College of Maine
Fish Patholgy Dept.


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