Red pest (<i>Purpura cyprinorum</i>)


Yellow-orange ulcers
Skin shows ulcerated lesions of distinctive yellow-orange colour.
Belly of fish dark red colour
The entire belly of the fish is a deep red colour from which comes the name of the disease.
Ventral and anal fins red
All of the lower fins fins of the fish are suffused with a deep red colour.
Subepithelial petechiae
Small bloody red dots or effusions, evident below skin.
Haemorrhages - skin
Bloody haemorrhages are apparent over several parts of the skin.
Hanging at surface
Fish stays at water surface all the time.
Ulcers - irregular
Irregular shaped ulcers are evident on the skin.


Bacteria as named above, typically infects carp and tench, disease with similar symptoms but a different bacteria affects Eels.


Very contagious indeed, in both cases. Usually results in heavy casualties.


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DNA and RNA diagnostic references

From Viruses, 2012 Apr.4(4): 521-38

Kurita J. et al. Nat.Res. Inst. of Aquaculture Fisheries Res. Ctr.
Minamilise 519-0423 Japan


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