Round worms (Nematodiasis)


Visible worms
Body shows very obvious worms (leeches).
Knotlike white pimples - skin
Skin shows a number of knotlike white raised pimples.
Raised bumps
Solid looking raised bumps are evident on the skin.
Raised pigmented growths
Small coloured growths, caused by a parasite, appear on the body.
Open burst tumour
Worms can eat through body causing a "burst" on the skin.
Abdomen sunken
The lower part of the fish's body is hollow and wasted.
Muscular atrophy
Muscles of fish show evident wasting away.


Various round worms, Capillaria spp. and Camallanus spp. very common.


Unchecked in a fish farm ,losses or very poor conversion ratios will result. Worms can be eliminated by correct treatment.


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