Swimbladder dysfunction


Hopping swimming - head up
The fish swims in a "hopping" manner with its head upwards.
Loss of balance
Fish keeps falling from its attempted swimming pattern.
Abdomen swollen
Lower body of fish is bloated and swollen to a considerable degree.
Dark body colouration
The colours of the fish are darkened beyond their normal shade.
Fish is fading away, looks as if it is starving to death.
Exophthalmia - bilateral
Both eyeballs of fish are protruding.
Exopthalmia - unilateral
One eyeball of the fish is protruding.
Listless and lethargic
Fish moves very lazily in water, much less than normal, lacks interest.


Cause not known. Thought to be caused by a viral infection with a bacterial secondary infection, or subjection of the fish to extreme and sudden changes of temperature. Some fungal infections exhibit similar symptoms.


If viral, the outlook is not good. If bacterial, treatment is possible.


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DNA and RNA diagnostic references

Transcriptome Analysis of the Gill and Swimbladder of Takifugu rubripes by RNA-Seq. 

From 2014 Jan 16. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085505 

Jun Cui et al.  

Key Laboratory of Mariculture, N.China Sea, Min. of Ag. Dalian Ocean Univ, Dalian China

Note:- This dissertation is on a sp. of Puffer fish, a delicacy in Japan and Asia. Can find bo reference to DNA in swimbladder disease per se, however this article may serve as a useful basis for comparison if a researcher wishes to make a comparison. 


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