Thread worm infection (Capillaria)


Faeces alternately light/dark colour
Faeces are in alternately coloured strings of light and dark.
Faeces white
Faeces are in long white strings hanging from body.
Abdomen swollen
Lower body of fish is bloated and swollen to a considerable degree.
Fish is fading away, looks as if it is starving to death.
Hiding abnormally
Fish hides behind rocks or suchlike, appearing seldom if ever.
Listless and lethargic
Fish moves very lazily in water, much less than normal, lacks interest.
Stays still at back of tank
Fish remain stationary at the back of the tank.


Nematode thread worm of genus capillaria.


Disease is seldom fatal quickly, giving time if recognized to treat with excellent results.


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DNA and RNA diagnostic references

Molecular Phylogeny of Pseudocapillaroides xenopi (Moravec et Cosgrov 1982) and Development of a quantitative PCR Assay for its detection in aquarium sediment.

From  J.Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci. 2014 Nov; 53(6): 668-674

Sanford H.Feldman et al.

Ctr. for Comp. Medicine, Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia USA


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