Toxicosis non specific


Ammonia elevated >0.02ppm un-ionised
The un-ionised ammonia causes toxicity. Calculate this from Total Ammonia with RSFP Ammonia Test and chart therein.
Carbon dioxide level >60 ppm
Normal CO2 level is exceeded.
Copper level above 0.3ppm
Copper level above 0.3ppm in salt water or above 0.15ppm in fresh can cause toxicity.
Dissolved oxygen low < 6mg\L
Most aquatic fish in freshwater or seawater require oxygen levels above 6mg/L. Check oxygen level.
Growth poor
Parasite infested fish show very slow or no growth, as parasite is taking the food.
Nitrate level above 50 ppm
When nitrate level is very high, at over 50 ppm or much more, can help to induce "ick".
Nitrite elevated >2ppm
Nitrite levels are 2ppm or above and the lower the pH the more toxic the NO2 will be.
Respiration rapid
Fish is breathing very fast, much faster than is normal.
Spasms - convulsions
Fish appears to be having a fit, jerking and twisting abnormally.
Fish gather at water inlets
Fish can be seen in ponds crowding around the water inlets.
Gills pale
Instead of a normal bright red colour the gills are very pale in colour.
Anterior-posterior curvature of the spine
Loss of balance
Fish keeps falling from its attempted swimming pattern.
Respiration slow
Fish's breathing is obviously slower than normal.
Lateral curvature of the spine.
Abnormal swimming - streaks
Fish swims in short bursts, then stops.
Breathing at surface
Fish stays at surface usually at an inclined angle and breathes or sucks air.
Listless and lethargic
Fish moves very lazily in water, much less than normal, lacks interest.


Any abnormal parameter of Environment, will cause a few or many of these symptoms. Check ALL water parameters, as well as water supply.


Usually can be traced to some abnormal variant in water, or other parameter, e.g. Oxygen level, Temperature changes, Ammonia or Nitrite, pH change etc.etc. If cause is found then outlook is good when abnormality is corrected.


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