Cuts and lacerations
Fish shows marks of several irregular cuts.
Haemorrhages - skin
Bloody haemorrhages are apparent over several parts of the skin.
Haemorrhagic Eyes
Eyes are shot with bloody lines.
Loss of scales
Scales are missing on skin, usually in several places.
Ulcers - irregular
Irregular shaped ulcers are evident on the skin.
Bare rays
All interstitial tissue on fins has been eaten away.
Cloudy completely
Fins are completely covered in opaque/grey cloudiness.
Fins frayed or ragged
Fins look as if they are rotting away, giving eroded appearance.
Loss of membrane & rays
Fins are eaten away, both the rays & the interstitial membranes between
Subepithelial petechiae
Small bloody red dots or effusions, evident below skin.
Corneal opacity
Cornea of eye becomes totally opaque.
Hiding abnormally
Fish hides behind rocks or suchlike, appearing seldom if ever.
Listless and lethargic
Fish moves very lazily in water, much less than normal, lacks interest.
Reluctant to feed
Fish comes to eat but with evident lack of appetite.
Sits on bottom
Fish sits still in upright position, on the bottom of tank or pond.


Stress in transport, agressive fish in tank or pond, sharp rocks or gravel in tank or pond, one fish different from other fish which school, any of these and many other factors can induce this condition in fish.


Finding the cause and taking care of it will remedy completely.


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