Vitamin A1/A2 deficiency (Retinol Deficiency)


Ulceration of the cornea of the eyes is evident.
A typical symptom of Crytobia is blindness, most noticeably fish swimming into objects.
Hyperaemia - fin base only
Excess of blood at base of fin.
Cloudy Eyes
Total area of eyes becomes clouded.
Exophthalmia - bilateral
Both eyeballs of fish are protruding.
Ulceration of the cornea
Exopthalmia - unilateral
One eyeball of the fish is protruding.
Generalized oedema
Body is swollen all over giving balloon-like appearance to fish.
Growth poor
Parasite infested fish show very slow or no growth, as parasite is taking the food.


Lack of Vitamin A1 in saltwater or A2 in freshwater. Most reported cases come from channel catfish culture. These fish are especially susceptible. This is more common than one imagines, as Vitamin A in food deteriorates over time.


If analysed correctly the outlook is good, but only for those fish that have not been too badly affected.


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